About Us

We are a family-owned business in Cocoa, Florida

My Story

My name is Terry Addison and my wife Tammy and I moved to Cocoa, FL in 2012.  Here are our three dogs, Bella, Rocky and Buster.

I’ve been doing woodworking off and on for the past 35 years.

I decided to start this molding business, because while big factories and stores can’t afford to make custom woodwork because of their high overhead, Grandview Woodworks can because it is locally-owned and operated.

That means we can do a custom job that is more affordable.

We have more than 500 stock profiles which include:

  • crown molding,
  • base molding,
  • door/window casing,
  • tongue and groove hardwood flooring
  • and more

We also do custom molding for individuals that needs to match what they already have in their house or business. I’ll be able to match it and make it for you.

Everything that we make is made from solid wood. We have access to a variety of species to choose from, whether it be stainable molding or a paint-grade molding. Satisfaction is guaranteedOur goal is to give you custom quality woodwork that you can trust to last for generations. Our policy is honesty, loyalty and do excellent quality work and deliver on promises.



We want to make sure that we get from you an exact idea of what you want to accomplish with your wood working needs.  This is no-cost to you.


Depending on what you want done, we will get started acquiring the right blade and present an estimated cost to you to get started.


We will deliver your project to you on time and on-budget so you can take your project to the next level, guaranteed.