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Woodworking Mistake #1: Cost spending: don’t want to pay high prices would settle for less quality

No one really wants to spend a lot of money on anything, really. Sure, we know we want a certain quality but once we define the quality we want, we don’t want to spend any more from it than we must spend.
When it comes to our homes, our castles, we want to make sure it reflects who we are as people. Not many of us can afford all the items we want, but there are things that can reflect our quality without us having to pay through the roof for them.
Let’s take crown molding, for example. When we want to update the crown molding in our homes, many of go to our home goods store and we are presented with several options of crown molding and from that, we pick, even when we don’t like the options presented.
We have heard that you can custom make crown molding, but think it is an expense above what we can afford. The reason we think that is because when we have explored custom crown molding, the prices were through the roof. You want to know why? Because the big crown molding companies have too much overhead to do small orders.
That’s where a company like Grandview Woodworks comes in. We can design or match any type of crown molding that you want and don’t have the high overhead to worry about, so we pass that difference to you. While it costs more than store-bought crown molding, it isn’t that much more. Plus, it has the benefit of giving you EXACTLY what you Want.


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